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The NEW industry benchmark in Crime Risk Assessment

SecurityGauge® is an objective and quantitative assessment of crime and security risk at any U.S. address.


  • Cutting-edge crime & fraud analytics
  • Proven predictive accuracy that consistently exceeds 90%
  • Precision maps, ratings & trends by crime type
  • 48,000 X the spatial accuracy of the closest competitor
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2023 Database Now Available

Get the latest crime risk Ratings, Maps, Trends & more
for any U.S. or Canadian address



Higher risk than 96% of U.S. addresses

  • TOTAL Violent Crime 137
  • Homicide 102
  • Rape 174
  • Armed Robbery 159
  • Aggravated Assault 114
  • TOTAL Property Crime 171
  • Burglary 161
  • Larceny-Theft 210
  • Vehicle Theft 141

48,000 X the Spatial Accuracy

of the current industry leader


The competition's maps provide information by census tracts.

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SecurityGauge uses high resolution data to predict to 100 sq. meter areas, which is 48,000 times smaller than the median census tract, and 1.2 Million times smaller than the average census tract in America.

Proven predictive accuracy that consistently exceeds 90%

across multiple industries

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Based on 350,000 policy years of insurance data and actual theft claims with SecurityGauge Crime Risk Ratings assigned to each address.

Close 2b8d44bb33124cd8e0f906d77b52106eade7d5cc1c07b74ac55b0680d04bf701 We binned the addresses for each homeowner insurance policy provided for this study into categories by SecurityGauge Total Crime Risk Score, getting the mean rate of theft claims per 1,000 policies for each category, and using that to determine our predictive accuracy against the insurer’s actual experienced rate of theft claims. The study included both urban and less urban (suburban, rural) areas, and encompassed multiple states. The test was double blind (SecurityGauge received addresses, appended Total Crime Risk ratings to each address, handed the file back to the insurer, and only then did the insurer identify which addresses had a crime-related insurance claim). SecurityGauge then did the analysis, as did the insurer, both independently, and shared results which corresponded.

SecurityGauge® is:

  • Cutting-edge crime & fraud analytics
  • Precision Maps, Ratings & Trends by Crime Type
  • 48,000 X the spatial accuracy of the closest competitor
  • Proven predictive accuracy that consistently exceeds 90%
  • Priced below current industry leader
  • Instantly available 24/7

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